Get Hi at a Yoga Hi Retreat TM

Welcome, to Yoga Hi RetreatTM , an eco friendly initiative of the practice of yoga within heart-stirring travels.  Every retreat we offer is an eco luxury space, settled amongst many acres of pure jungles and dramatic landscapes. Daily yoga sets the body and mind in sync with the surroundings for the ultimate experience of pure inner bliss.  Settle into sublime existence with Yoga Hi Retreat TM.


You are never alone at this beautiful jungle oasis.  There is always a little dog guiding you on your path or a monkey swinging by over head reaching for rose apples, or an exotic flock of birds soaring over head their songs filling the air.  Discover the art of living your yoga at this 40 acre slice of heaven.




Practice yoga deeper than the postures.  Settle the 5 senses as you eat pure clean food, drink fresh filtered spring  water and discover the peace and serenity of daily yoga practice with highly skilled instructors T & C.     Enhance your life  with the Liquid Fire Yoga System TM  taught at Yoga Hi RetreatsTM.





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